Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Freshen up your curtains quick and easy

Untying, taking down, washing, rehanging… cleaning curtains, when it's done at all, can be a time-consuming business. However, there’s an easier option: call in a KoloService technician to get the job done for you.

Although you could use a dry cleaner, there are clear benefits of using KoloService

We clean each curtain by hand, while they hang - that means no fiddly, time-consuming effort of having to unhang and rehang them to take them to be cleanedWe guarantee no fabric shrinkage (dry cleaners typically guarantee no more than 5% shrinkage because of the steam used during ironing) We quote per meters squared and not by weight, which can significantly reduce the cost of cleaning heavy velvet and interlined curtainsOur curtain cleaning prices also include the lining, pelmets, swags, tails and tiebacksOur products are designed for use in the home and will not affect your curtain's usual shape and appearance

KoloService will provide you with a hassle-free service with outstanding results.

Curtains lend a lively, elegant or elastic touch to your home décor. They are so much a part of our daily lives that we enjoy them while taking them for granted. Yet curtains give us years of dedicated service: all the while through the toughest times, coping with cold, heat, dust, dirt and direct sunlight at times. Overuse of regular home-cleaning detergent damages and fades the fabric over time; making your curtains look shabby. If your curtains are delicate, expensive or even “designer” type curtains, you really don’t want DIY to ruin their beauty.

What you need is KoloService's amazingly easy professional treatment! Advanced machinery performs deep vacuuming with the special filters that suck out dirt and dust. The mild and gentle steam treatment safely disinfects and sanitizes your curtains, while a final round of vacuuming removes moisture moisture and dissolved dirt. Without any hassle, you get new looking, fresh smelling, and germ free curtains to enhance your décor again.


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