Disinfection Cleaning

Disinfection Cleaning

KoloService offers Complete Preventive Disinfection Solutions that help prevent bacteria, viruses, and germs from growing in your environment.

We only use high technology throughout the whole process – 100% Chemical-Free, Human-Grade Disinfection Solutions, safe for humans and pets.

It is not only safe but is also powerful and effective, proven to kill 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria upon contact.

In the view of the current events, we have introduced new service, Professional Surface Disinfection and Sanitisation, carried out by a trained team of specialists in protective gear, including disposable hooded overalls, overshoes, medical masks and protective goggles.

Portable compression sprayers are used to spray the surfaces with mist of mighty disinfecting solution reaching every nook and cranny, killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Hand held steamers are used as an alternative on smaller surfaces.

The surfaces to be treated include hard floors, carpet, upholstery, kitchen worktops and cupboards, tables, chairs, walls, doors and door handles, electric switches, computer keyboards, remote controls, desks, toilets, sinks, taps, etc. Our specialist

will have a check list to tick off all the surfaces to be treated.

it is highly important to take the recommended prevention steps such as washing and sanitizing your hands regularly to protect yourself from viruses like covid 19, your home also requires disinfection and sanitization of all surfaces and floors.

we offer complete disinfection and sanitization of your home to remove all harmful bacterial and viral germs from all surfaces.


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